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The commercial and artistic importance of commercial photography

What is commercial photography? The main target of commercial advertising photography is commodities, which should be attributed to the scope of practical photography. Its mission is to convey information about goods and promote the flow of goods. The purpose of advertising photography is to induce customers to purchase goods, by expressing the structure, shape, use and color of the goods.


Commercial advertising photography is an artistic expression of commercial and artistic integration in commodity display. Commercial advertising photography includes the purpose of information dissemination in goods, and uses photography to transmit visual information, improve consumer awareness of products, and promote sales of goods. Commercial advertising photography can not be separated from the essence of photographic art. Effective content, visual effects and creativity are the means of expression that commercial advertising photography should have. Commercial advertising photography combines practicality and artistry. Commercial advertising photography is based on commercial and commercial value. However, once commercial photography is lacking in artistic appeal, it is difficult to be effective. Only good integration of commercial and artistic , can be a successful work. In commercial photography, photography has always been a combination of commercial and artistic.


From the perspective of cultural categories, advertising is no longer just a kind of commercial behavior. Its special relationship with the whole business society has become a mirror reflecting real life, recording the history of social development, the grandstand of world culture and customs. Undoubtedly, advertising has become a worldwide commercial art. As an important means and medium for commodity communication, advertising photography has become a unique component of world culture with its unique charm and its visual characteristics. Under the premise of realizing the dissemination of commodity information, a beautiful human landscape has become an indispensable visual landscape for modern life.



1. Commerciality of commercial advertising photography

From the photographer's point of view, the product conception of advertising photography is restricted by the advertising planning scheme for propagating the goods, which has great limitations. Especially the creative conception of advertising photography pays attention to the orientation, it can not leave the commercial purpose of advertising. While independent, its creation must be based on the image of the spread of goods. In terms of the performance of the content, there are often strict regulations for the purpose of advertising, but the conceptual creation of art photography can be free from such factors, and has a broad creative world. Advertising photography must strive to pay attention to the characteristics and style of goods. Photographers often ignore the personal style in order to obey the needs of the goods, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the original target.



2. The artistic nature of commercial advertising photography

Commercial advertising photography not only carries a clear business purpose, but also has high artistic requirements. Therefore, as an advertising photographer, it is necessary to have a businessman's sensible sense of business, to be able to capture the commercial atmosphere at the beginning of the creation, to establish a channel for the transmission of commodity information, and to have the artist's literacy and inspiration, using art. The means of expression creates a commercial advertisement that satisfies the consumer's psychological needs for the goods, and at the same time has artistic creativity and appeal, and artistically conveys the information of the goods. Excellent commercial advertising photography is highly artistic, and art enhances the content of commercial advertising products. Using art as a means of expression, under the leadership of inspiration and creativity, the image of commercial advertising photography is attractive, shocking visual effects, strong artistic rendering power, etc., thus realizing the artistic enjoyment of advertising objects in the process of product information dissemination. At the same time, in the process of enjoying art, it attracts interest in advertising content, establishes product awareness, and achieves the purpose of effectively transmitting product information, making commercial advertising photography more effective in the process of disseminating commodity information. This is commercial advertising photography. Artistic characteristics.



3. Commercial and artistic integration in commercial advertising photography

The commercial and artistic aspects of commercial advertising photography are independent and interdependent. The first task of the photographer is how to make these two contradictory, but sometimes interdependent, two aspects well integrated. It is a good foothold for establishing commercial advertising photography "visual art to convey business information." The more you pursue business value, the more you should pay attention to its artistic connotation. In order to better improve the effect of disseminating commercial information, commercial advertising photography should pay attention to the artistic expression of its creation on the premise of retaining the entire commercial purpose, making the advertising photography more visually explosive and attractive, thus gaining consumers' attention. And recognition.


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