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A product photography guide tells why you want to take pictures to find professional people.

As an e-commerce retailer, one of the biggest challenges you face is that customers can't interact with your product before placing an order.

Of course, if you run a subscription box business, this mysterious space is an interesting part - but anyone should undoubtedly ship high quality products and brands. So, how can we make up for the lack of hands-on experience (and users don't know what they will receive in each box)? Attractive professional photos make your products and boxes irresistible!

If you have never hired a photographer before and you are not sure where to start, this guide will tell you how.

Inspire and inspire inventory with professional photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you need to make sure your photos convey the right message to customers and subscribers.

If your site has compelling visual effects that inspire your brand and inspire your products, customers are more likely to “join the shopping cart” or sign up for a subscription.

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Low-quality images can not only damage your products and brands, but can also adversely affect your business. Photos that are too small, too dark or too vague are not compliments at all - and they certainly won't instill confidence or motivate customers to buy.

However, hiring a professional photographer provides a shining opportunity for your product and brand subscription services. Professional product images enhance your brand, showcase your products, and even get more share on social media.

Debate between Pro and DIY This is why a professional is worth the cost

Product photography is one of the things you won't notice unless there is something wrong with it. This has led some e-commerce retailers to think they can take their own photos and get comparable results that professionals can create.

It may seem like a good idea to take a photo of your product, but it is complicated to implement - especially if you are not a photography enthusiast with the necessary equipment.

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Still not sure if a professional photographer is worth the cost? Let us consider some of the biggest problems in DIY product photography.

DIY Challenge #1: You have to buy expensive cameras and equipment - and then figure out the function of all the buttons.

How do professionals solve this problem: they bring their own cameras and accessories such as tripods, professional lighting and lenses. You don't have to buy a fancy camera to get some key shots.

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DIY Challenge 2: You need to learn photography, art direction and composition. Even if you invest in high quality equipment, expensive cameras produce low quality photos.

How professionals solve this problem: Professional photography is both art and engineering, and the right professionals know how to achieve these subtle visual differences to make your images successful - so you don't have to spend any time and effort learning photography. Instead, you can focus on doing business like a boss.


DIY Challenge 3: You may need to edit or retouch your photos. This may involve color correction, touch up or lighting adjustments.

How to solve the problem for professionals: After the filming, the work of professional photographers will not end. The next step is to filter all the photos they took, find the best photos, and edit them to make them look better.


DIY Challenge #4: Unless you are willing to invest a lot of time and resources, you can't get professional quality results.

How do professionals solve this problem: you guarantee professional results! You can even hire someone who specializes in the subscription service, so the images look great on your website and can help your business grow.


Our experience with Amazon photos will effectively promote your products to achieve your sales goal.

Thank customers for their trust, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation!
SPECIALTIES: I also opted in for some extensive retouching on a number of my photos which was + $40 per image. Before taking any photos they told me why they recommended retouching which made sense for my particular product. I’m really happy that I took their advice, the retouched images turned out amazing.
Product photography needs to be improved from the details
Today, we focus on telling you about product photography skills. Many friends often ask about the lighting of products. First, let’s open the light, just look at the details of the photos. In fact, a photo includes your subject, including the background. Including the details between the subject and the background, this overall adds up to the overall effect of the image. Even if your light is set up well, you have to get the details of the background, it will lower the effect of the whole picture, so don't pay attention to these details. So today we will tell everyone how to pay attention to the details.
Glasses Photography
​The lens of the glasses is a highly reflective item, and some of the sunglasses have a metal frame. It is difficult to shoot like this kind of product. There are two main problems in shooting glasses. The first one is that the lens does not let it reflect other environments and unwanted elements. The second one is the depth of field problem. When many people shoot glasses, the rear frame will appear virtual. It is not clear, and solving these two problems is basically done.
The effect of different lamp positions on product shooting
In product photography, different lamp positions play a decisive role in the picture quality, texture and effect of the product. Familiarity with the role of various lamp positions on the picture effect and the scope of application are crucial for product photography.
Photographing of reflective objects
In product photography, there are often some reflective products, especially some stainless steel products and some specular reflective products, which are reflective products that are more difficult to handle in advertising photography. The choice of background is generally black and white, mainly based on the background of these two colors, whether it is a white background or a black background, when shooting reflective products is completely different from the concept of shooting other products.
Creative products Photography
Shooting the light painting effect is also very simple, and does not require very complicated props. First put the product you want to shoot on the shooting table, but both the background and the background paper should be replaced with black, because we have to shoot this effect in a completely dark environment. After placing it, first adjust the camera's parameters, mainly the speed of the shutter, because shooting this effect requires a long exposure to complete
How to ensure product quality when shooting products
In commercial shooting, product shooting is a part of it. This is mainly shooting with the product as the main subject. The shooting reflects the shape, structure, performance, color, and passage of the product to attract customers' desire to buy. Now the e-commerce industry is developing very well. To promote products in online stores, it is necessary to show product details with pictures.
What kind of product image has a high click-through rate?
What kind of product image has a high click-through rate? When making product pictures, we need to know that we are selling things, not just click-through rates. We have to ask ourselves a few more questions: 1. When you buy items by yourself, what kind of pictures are more attractive to you 2. When buying something by yourself, what kind of picture will make you feel uncomfortable 3. When buying something by yourself, what kind of picture will make you order and pay.
Improve product image quality from details
The quality of a picture is not just a matter of lighting. The details of the picture will affect the overall effect. The photographic product studio summarizes the aspects of the product image that affect the effect.