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Amazon's high-quality product photos bring you high conversion rates!

“Many Amazon sellers don't know what a good picture is. A good picture from the result is that it can bring conversion rate to the product and bring direct sales.” photographer Jeery has been working on Amazon product images for a few years and found that many sellers are not sure what a good picture is. A good picture from the result is that it can bring conversion rate to the product and bring direct sales. From the temperament of the picture, there are mainly two aspects like a movie starring a p owerful or idol.

The strength of the party is the angle of the picture, including whether the text layout performance is intuitive and professional to show the selling point of the product, so that the buyer feels that the product is very practical is what he wants.

The idol is the value of the picture, the overall and details of the product, and even the exquisiteness of the accessories and text. This aspect is mainly determined by the performance tools of the drawing and the literacy of the design. The beautiful pictures can also reflect the strength of the brand, making the buyer feel like a brand and paying attention to details and quality.

Today, I will mainly analyze the different effects of different expression techniques of Amazon product images.


Performance Technique 1: Real Shot + Initial Repair

Amazon's product photography in china.jpg

In the performance and product quality can only be C-level (but can not say that the map is not good, it will not sell well)

Performance Technique 2: Fine Shot + Local Intensive

Amazon's product photography in china 02.jpg

Fine shot is the first time you want to take a picture of the product after the shot, and then adjust the position, brightness, range and shape of the light.

Partial refinement is required after all the fine shots, and the parts that usually need to be partially refined include: silk screen pattern, high light enhancement to enhance the overall contrast, specular reflective material added reflective surface, button detail button and details of the main body connection part, light strip The light effect will not light up in the normal light of the product, because the brightness of the photography light far exceeds the brightness of the product light, and it is necessary to adjust the light to the low light environment and then combine it separately. The exact same shooting angle.


Performance technique 3: real shot + full refinement

Amazon's product photography in china 03.jpg

The advantage of the full refinement diagram is that the picture looks very delicate, because all the details are portrayed, according to different parts can change the different light effects to meet or exceed the human eye to see the product texture. It's like a material process that is the result of a top-quality product in a pure environment. Disadvantages are very time-consuming and demanding for the drafting staff, need a certain art foundation, as well as the ability of photography to grasp the light, and some people think that this effect is not true, a little fake. The effect of the picture is very subjective. It is difficult to adjust the whole picture. It is impossible for all people to like it, but it is still popular with most people. You can see the effect of the international big-name official website.

Real shot + full refinement is not very demanding on shooting. The most important thing is that the level of the retoucher is high. The overall and details can be very delicate, the effect is good, and it is very time consuming. Be sure to communicate well before you decide to do it.

In addition, the most difficult thing to fully refine is the representation of the reflective and refractive materials, because these are to be painted into real reflections and refractions, to calculate the material properties of the material. For example, different transparent materials have different refractive indices, and the deformation and hue, saturation, and brightness of the products appearing through them are different.


Representation 4: Modeling Rendering + Initialization


3D modeling rendering (this way for the common 3C products like plastic metal transparent class will have a very good performance because the rendering is by giving the model real physical properties including color surface bump

Reflection Refraction Subsurface scattering, etc. There is also real light propagation for simulation. When the model material lighting rendering parameters are all done, the product's refinement will be good because the rendered image is free of any impurities.


Performance Technique 5: Modeling Rendering + Local Intensive + Advertising Design


Modeling and rendering is two more steps than the first two methods:

1. Create a product model 2. Materialize the model, render output

In the end, to get a refined effect, you need to be refined in the model stage. For example, the proportion and thickness of the product, sometimes we want the picture to look thinner, as well as the corners, rounded corners, and surface structure of each side of the product. Experienced modelers will build the model according to the final The effect of the corresponding adjustment, than the actual model will do some fine-tuning, is the exquisiteness of the internal structure, 3C class of circuit boards, components and so on.

The overall rendering quality of the modeling and rendering method is good, the performance is more free and rich, and the personnel input needs to join the modeler, the renderer, and some people can do it. However, to be very delicate, it requires the accumulation of experience and time. It is to be seamlessly integrated with the graphic design. The disadvantage is that the technical requirements are relatively high, especially in the home products. For example, plush, liquid, or food, as well as irregular combinations or arrays of products, it will be very difficult and unreal to do, and such products still need to be taken.


The mapping method of Amazon images is basically these three forms, which can be combined according to the company's strategy, speed, quality, cost, and both.



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SPECIALTIES: I also opted in for some extensive retouching on a number of my photos which was + $40 per image. Before taking any photos they told me why they recommended retouching which made sense for my particular product. I’m really happy that I took their advice, the retouched images turned out amazing.
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