Pricing & services

We'd like to be as your own photography studio in China! The more photos you order the more savings you receive!
What's Included?
2 Free test photos. Try us without any risk
Photo retouching to remove dust, scratches and minor defects
Amazon and Web Ready JPG images
High resolution images in PSD/TIFF for printing
Fast 4 business days turnaround for 1-30 photos
Safely keep and pack your samples for photography
100% satisfaction guaranteed

General Product Photos

Product photos integrate seamlessly with popular platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and Big Commerce on a pure white background.
General Product Photo7
General Product Photo6
General Product Photo5
General Product Photo4
General Product Photo3
General Product Photo2
General Product Photo1
Single product photos

1-10 photos$20 per photo

11-50 photos$17 per photo

50-100 photos$15 per photo

100+ photos$13 per photo

500+ photos$8 per photo

Group photos

2-3 items+5 per photo

4-6 items+10 per photo

7-10 items+18 per photo


Oversized+$15 per photo

Watches+$10 per photo

Jewelry+$10 per photo

Clothing+$10 per photo

Metallic / Shiny+$10 per photo

Optional add-ons

Transparent Clipping Paths: $3/image – We will make the backgrounds of your shots transparent, so your products can be shown against any background without the white around it. These images are delivered in a layered TIFF format or PNG format.

Lifestyle photo7
Lifestyle photo6
Lifestyle photo5
Lifestyle photo4
Lifestyle photo3
Lifestyle photo2
Lifestyle photo1

Lifestyle Photos

Commercial lifestyle photography showcases any number of your product’s benefits: how easy it is to use, its convenient size, or how much better life is for people who purchase it. From action shots of products being used in real world settings, to hero shots of still life images, these are all considered to be lifestyle images. We combine portrait/props/scene and product photography techniques together. Years of our working experience will present your products with portrait/props/scene in the right combination.

Commercial lifestyle photography is highly individualized. Some lifestyle photography sessions require special preparations or other extra cost.

From $40 per photo, Request a custom quote

Lifestyle photos7
Lifestyle photos6
Lifestyle photos5
Lifestyle photos4
Lifestyle photos3
Lifestyle photos2
Lifestyle photos1

Extensive Retouching

We ask that your products be delivered in photo-ready condition, but we can provide extensive retouching to repair deep scratches and scuffs or other imperfections. some images may require extensive retouching to get the best image you need for your product.If you feel that your images need to be retouched beyond what we provide as your product shot, we will provide you with a visual explanation, as well as an estimated cost from $8 per image.

Extensive retouching7
Extensive retouching6
Extensive retouching5
Extensive retouching4
Extensive retouching3
Extensive retouching2
Extensive retouching1

On-location Photography

Most of orders we charge per image, but we offer half day and full day rate as well. If you or your subject matter can’t come to us, our studio will gladly come to you. Interior location photography, exterior location photography, photography services provided at your office, job site, or alternate location. Our On-locaton photography as low as US$288.00/half day, please contact us with your detailed requirements and book the date.