2 Free Shots

We know your worries as we didn’t worked with you before. So, to introduce ourselves to first time customers, we are offering 2 free sample product shots. We want you to know the quality of our work and the simplicity of our process!

There's no obligation - test us out with no risk!

1. Complete the form below to contact us.

2. Ship us your product.

3. We photograph it.

4. We email you the sample product shots and send your product back to you!

There are a few guidelines we need to request as part of the free sample shots' terms and conditions:

- Products must be under 12 lbs. and no larger than 12" x 12" x 12".

- This offer is good for one product shot of one single item with white background.

- The sample shot is to provide an example of our photography for your product. Therefore, you will not be permitted or licensed to use the sample product shot.

However, if you like what you see and place order for other shots with us, the 2 sample shots will offer to you free of charge.

Complete this form to begin to get your 2 FREE shots of your product.
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Ship products to:

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Shenzhen, China

Please email us with any questions:
[email protected]

Call our Customer Service Team:
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