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Product Photography

On white-Amazon & eCommerce

Product Photography on white as low as $8.00 / image

White background photos are a staple for all eCommerce, catalogs and online businesses. Our photos integrate seamlessly with popular platforms such as, Shopify, and BigCommerce. All photos go through Clipping path, image masking, drop shadow,mirror effect, photoshop retouching, image manipulation, vector conversion, image stitching. Our images are always supplied to meet your needs, whether for web use (on-line catalogue photography) or higher resolution print use, for catalogues, packing or promotional material. They come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography as low as $40.00 / image

Lifestyle product photos are crucial to conversion. They help the customer imagine the product "in-use" and provide the customer with context. This is a huge opportunity to show off how great your product looks compared to your competitors.

We combine portrait/props/scene and product photography techniques together. Years of our working experience will present your products with portrait/props/scene in the right combination.

On-Location Photography

On-locaton photography as low as $288.00 / half day

If you or your subject matter can’t come to us, we will gladly come to you. Interior location photography, exterior location photography, photography services provided at your office, job site, or alternate location. We can turn your conference room or factory floor into a product studio for the day. On-location photography is booked by appointment on a first-come, first-serve basis. No charge for travel to clients in Shenzhen.


Our goal has been to always look forward and to not just accommodate but to exceed our client’s expectations.

Located in Shenzhen China / Your supplier direct Studio

- Low express freight cost for the samples in and out.

- At the first time to ship the samples and photos ready.

- Convenient and efficient communication

Expert editing / High quality

We have our own professional designers. All photos go through a thorough editing process which includes touch-up of minor defects and color correction. some images may require extensive retouching to get the best image you need for your product.

Quick turnaround

4 business day turnaround for 1-30 images. No extra cost for 4 business day rush as others. We have our own professional in-house design agency. Having our own designers cuts down on costs and shortens turnaround times.

Photos formats

We provide 'web ready' JPEG files at 72dpi (RGB color) or 'print ready' at 300dpi (CMYK color )and whatever size you need, in either tiff or Photoshop psd formats.

Lifesyle photos available

Affordable cost for an excellent companion to product photography, lifestyle or ‘action’ shots enhance your listings by showing your products in use.

On-location photography and half day/full day rates are available

Shooting on location for your shop, construct large sets and etc...

We offer half day and full day rates which apply to bulk shots.

Graphic design services are available

We have our own design agency Enjotran Design to offer Infographics, brand logo, packaging, banner, datasheet graphic designs.

Sample keeping

No extra cost for sample keeping well to 4 months, we may help you to gather the samples and return to you together.

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Testimonials / News

What our clients say...
Hi Enjoytran Team – just wanted to let you know how much...
Hi Enjoytran Team – just wanted to let you know how much I’ve appreciated your professional photography and graphic design service. I’m grateful that I found you, and I count on you to be a partner in what I do for the long term. Thanks again.
We love their service and professionalism
“We have been with for over 8 years. From the photos with white background to the complex lifestyle photos, the photos of our products always look fantastic and ready for our website and printing. We love their service and professionalism."
We love their service and professionalism
We have been working with for over six years. I’m very happy with their nice service and excellent image quality.
“Their works still always delight us...”
“We have worked with Enjoytran Design and photography for years and have relied on him to produce consistent brand design and product images for us. Their works still always surprise and delight us. I have recommended Enjoytran Design and photography to several other firms and will continue to do so.”
Not only do we need to produce creative imagery of a very high quality...
Not only do we need to produce creative imagery of a very high quality, we also need to meet extremely tight deadlines and budgets. We have worked with CNPRODUCTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM for many years now and he never fails to come up with the goods. I know that I can rely on them to deliver perfect images on time, every time, even when it requires they work over the weekend or into the evening, which we much appreciate.
Enjoytran Design and photography has been doing all of our product photography
Enjoytran Design set up a unique one-stop solution offering high quality services for product photos, in-use lifestyle photos, packaging design, datasheet design and printing. Because our team has successfully merged different cultures and sensibilities, we can address the marketing needs of any company in any country offering our creativity, rigorous way of building realistic solutions and reactivity.
“They will not disappoint you and will work hard and diligently to ...”
Communication was excellent, the quality of work was excellent, and working with them was a very enjoyable and professional experience. I intend to use them again in the future for our branding and design needs and absolutely recommend them to anyone else looking for the services they offer. They will not disappoint you and will work hard and diligently to make sure you are totally satisfied with the project you've hired them for.
I’m very happy with their nice service and excellent image quality...
"We have been working with for over six years. I’m very happy with their nice service and excellent image quality..."
Amazon's high-quality product photos bring you high conversion rates!
“Many Amazon sellers don't know what a good picture is. A good picture from the result is that it can bring conversion rate to the product and bring direct sales.”
A Good Quality Product Photography Makes A Big Difference in Sale
The quality of the images of your Amazon products are the deciding factor in a consumer’s mind when making a purchase. In a marketplace with dozens or even hundreds of merchants selling similar products, you have seconds to make a conversion. An improvement on photo products or context results in increased sales.
Why should you take Amazon product photos in China?
As an Amazon seller or an e-retailer from other eCommerce platforms, if you are sourcing your products from China, why don’t you also source your product photography needs from China? Over the last 5 years, we have helped hundreds of e-store owners created thousands of e-Commerce product photos. As you may guess, 80% of the customers are from Amazon. You may wonder: what are the benefits to produce your e-Commerce photos in China?
Increase Amazon sales by professional
Professional outstanding product photography is the first weapon you must invest in order to beat your Amazon competitors. But not all good product photographers are good Amazon photographers. In China, there are many savvy product photographers, but 99% of the photographers work with the local leading eCommerce platforms such as and Only a few are familiar with Amazon’s image rules and western customers’ aesthetics, such as
A product photography guide tells why you want to take pictures to find professional people.
As an e-commerce retailer, one of the biggest challenges you face is that customers can't interact with your product before placing an order. Of course, if you run a subscription box business, this mysterious space is an interesting part - but anyone should undoubtedly ship high quality products and brands. So, how can we make up for the lack of hands-on experience (and users don't know what they will receive in each box)? Attractive professional photos make your products and boxes irresistible! If you have never hired a photographer before and you are not sure where to start, this guide will tell you how.
The commercial and artistic importance of commercial photography
What is commercial photography? The main target of commercial advertising photography is commodities, which should be attributed to the scope of practical photography. Its mission is to convey information about goods and promote the flow of goods. The purpose of advertising photography is to induce customers to purchase goods, by expressing the structure, shape, use and color of the goods
Speaker Product Photography - Online Shop Product Photography
It is not difficult to say that the sound is difficult to shoot. But it does require experience with some materials. For example, this time the sound surface has a large area of high-reflective materials, we need to know how to deal with the light and shadow effects of such materials when shooting audio products.
Cosmetics Photography
Cosmetics is a product that is difficult to grasp. Many beginners and online shopkeepers recognize camera equipment is very important, in fact, it may not be. It is important to show the color and quality of the cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging, whether it is boxed or bottled, whether it is art or color, is more exquisite and beautiful, so the pictures taken must make people feel bright, showing that this kind of production is not only in the lighting and products. From the perspective of the show, try to shoot fresh, natural, elegant, enough to show the characteristics of the product, and then with the later retouching and beautification, try to be beautiful.
Costume 3D stereoscopic Photography
Apparel accessories often use stereoscopic shooting methods when shooting products. This method can display the product itself better than tile shooting, and at the same time reduce the cost of shooting. If you shoot a real model, the cost will be relatively high. A lot higher. Let's take the underwear as an example to say that this kind of stereoscopic shooting method needs attention.
Table lamp photography
When shooting a scene for a desk lamp, it is important to choose the right scene. This kind of product is usually to express a warm family atmosphere, so it is difficult to achieve the desired effect by arranging scenes. This requires us to find a suitable venue to shoot outside. When shooting outside, we have to have the equipment with flash, flash, socket, camera charger, spare battery, camera data cable, etc.
Shoes photography
The shooting of women's shoes is usually based on the white background and the top of the model. The white background is mainly to show the appearance and details of the shoes. The model on the foot shows the effect of the shoes more intuitively, so that the customers can not see In the case where the real thing can not be tried on, the model's top foot map is used to judge whether it is suitable for you. Therefore, the top map of the model is very important in the shooting of women's shoes. Let's talk about the things you need to pay attention to when shooting women's shoes.
Product photography later revision guidelines
During the post-production retouching process, many friends who are proficient in using PS may not know what kind of standard to use to retouch the map, or what kind of standard to judge the quality of the photo shoot, photographic photography today introduces us in There are five main criteria for retouching at work: color, texture, light, volume, and structure. Let’s briefly introduce these points.
Key to product photography
In our lifestyle, you will everywhere see product photos, i.e. advertisements on newspaper, magazine, promoting pamphlet or brochure, product instructions, in addition to the Internet etc. You might wonder: where do these pictures result from? Who produce them? Generally, commercial product photos are manufactured by product photographers in professional photography studios. It is a fascinating but challenging job to shoot products. A couple of a wide variety of types of merchandises, which are created with different materials geared to different customers: commercial/corporate clients and end consumers. One problem to product picture taking is that: different shooting topics require different configurations in conditions of lighting, scenes or props.
Product video capture, these tips are very practical!
Whether it is for enterprises or e-commerce, it is very necessary to make a product display training video that takes into account both content and pictures. It is just like a business credit card of something , which gives a vital first impression to consumers. So how do you shoot a video showing a product? Discussing have a video of the juicer below as an example to share some important aspects of the filming.
The quality of their work is outstanding
We cooperate with for four reasons. First, the quality of their work is outstanding. Second, their prices are very reasonable. Third, the fast turnover without any extra cost. Fourth, the process is so simple. Our supplier in China ship products to them directly. We provide some basic guidance for shots. Projects are completed quickly and easy downloading. When finished, they return the samples to our supplier directly.
Shooting a transparent glass-Single light Photography
Single lamp shooting transparent glass, some friends think that the more the product shooting light, the better, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the number of lights depends on the product itself and the shooting environment, not the number of lights, the photos taken The better, sometimes the light is not as good as the light, so it depends on how you use it.
Creative products Photography
Many friends don't know how to shoot some special effects when shooting products. For example, some products want some dynamic light painting effects. Many people think that it is post-synthesis. The camera can't shoot this effect. In fact, for light. Painted shots can also be used to capture the effect you want.
the art of Glass Photography
The lens of the glasses is a highly reflective item, and some of the sunglasses have a metal frame. It is difficult to shoot like this kind of product. There are two main problems in shooting glasses. The first one is that the lens does not let it reflect other environments and unwanted elements. The second one is the depth of field problem. When many people shoot glasses, the rear frame will appear virtual. It is not clear, and solving these two problems is basically done.
Belt scene Photography
Many friends don't know how to shoot some special effects when shooting products. For example, some products want some dynamic light painting effects. Many people think that it is post-synthesis. The camera can't shoot this effect. In fact, for light. Painted shots can also be used to capture the effect you want. Shooting the light painting effect is also very simple, and does not require very complicated props. First put the product you want to shoot on the shooting table, but both the background and the background paper should be replaced with black, because we have to shoot this effect in a completely dark environment. After placing it, first adjust the camera's parameters, mainly the speed of the shutter, because shooting this effect requires a long exposure to complete,
Their photographers know the requirements of our product pictures...
Our company has been working with “”. Their photographers know the requirements of our product pictures. They can also give us some suggestions from the perspective of artistic performance. The pictures are also very serious and very professional. Thank you! I hope to continue to cooperate.
Us want to find a company in China that can do product photography
Because our products are produced in China, all of us want to find a company in China that can do product photography and packaging design. Fortunately, we found it, and it is a company that exceeds our expectations - "", our work From then on, it became simple and efficient.
How do you get professional product photos?
What equipment do I need for product photography? How do you get professional product photos? What size do images need to be for Amazon?
amazon product photography chenzhen
If you want to find professional product photography in China, then "" should be your best choice. Their product photographers are very professional, their service attitude is very good, and most importantly, they will complete your project quickly.
amazon product photography china
Amazon storefront image size How to take product pictures for amazon How to resize image for amazon Amazon picture quality Amazon product lifestyle photography
amazon product photography china
A very good product picture is too important for me, because good product pictures can guide consumers to buy, "" helped me do it, their product photography is very professional, the picture is very good.

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